In our ongoing effort to make your pet’s health care as convenient and easy as possible, you can now request a refill for your pet’s prescription by submitting the following form. Please be sure to fill in all of the requested information.

The prescription refill must be approved by a doctor.

Remember: The Small Animal Clinic has an Online Store that you can directly access through your Pet Portal.

The Small Animal Clinic is able to fill most Veterinary prescriptions at the Clinic.Any prescriptions that we do not carry can be called to a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy or Human Pharmacy by our Staff.Please give us 24 hours to refill your medication.We will only call you if there are questions regarding your refill.If there is a special order, please notify us a week in advance. It may not take a full week but, we do not want your pet to run out of medication while waiting!We will check your pet's Medical Record to ensure that all necessary blood tests are current (e.g.,annual heart worm test , thyroid tests, and NSAID profile).
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